Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bags For Life....And Other Things

Warning, this post may cause offense or distress.

I have a rather dark sense of humour, sometimes.......



Tesco, one of Britain's major superstores, runs a very high profile recycling campaign to cut down the use of plastic carrier bags. Called "Bag For Life", they offer a variety of durable re-usable bags which they will replace for free if they break. It is a sensible, practical and popular concept, which was quickly taken up by other supermarket chains. Further details can be seen here.

I actually have loads of Tesco's Bags For Life and use them regularly. I really love the designs of the plastic bags, which they change regularly.

You may well be wondering, at this point, what on earth I am rambling on about. If you go to the Link above,and look at the picture, you will see a very nice hessian type sturdy shopping bag. Durable, sensible, and rather attractive.

Other companies and organisations have taken up the idea with enthusiasm, and it is quite common to see these hessian bags with logos of all kinds. A town not a million miles away from us has produced its own version, for instance.

But imagine my surprise, therefore, when arriving at the funeral director's office to pick up my brother's cremated remains, to see a hessian bag, sporting the name and logo of the Crematorium where my brother's funeral service and cremation took place. In the bag was the wooden casket containing my brother's ashes. The casket was surprisingly heavy, and the bag *did* make it much easier to transport the casket safely to our car.

However, I simply cannot imagine ever using that bag, bearing a crematorium logo, to go shopping with on a daily basis, somehow........

Quite what I shall do with it, once my brother's remains have been interred, I am not sure.

A Bag for Life is one thing, but a Bag for Death is quite another......
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Meg said...

Bring it back, surely!

magda said...

This reminds me of a Caddie Woodlawn story in which Caddie is selected to go to town to buy her mother a birthday present (on behalf of all the children), and gets her a beautiful black bonnet. Of course, as soon as Mother sees it, she shrieks in horror and throws it across the room: it's a widow's bonnet. Eventually they decide to keep the bonnet on hand and lend it out for neighbors who are in mourning (or just attending a funeral) but don't have a suitable bonnet.

I'm rather stumped as to what to suggest for a Bag for Death ... perhaps just return it to the crematorium?

s-p said...

Death always brings bizarre and once in a lifetime (hopefully) situations. It is only scandalous or uncomfortable to those who have never dealt with funeral arrangements and all the loose ends and stuff in the weeks following.

Susie Hemingway said...

A few years ago I was given the loving task of carrying my Fathers ashes to another part of England for his memorial service. I lovingly placed his urn in a small hall cupboard knowing it would quite safe there. The next morning the electricity man called to check a plug for me in the very same place.
On opening the door to the cupboard I said " please be careful my Father is in there" his face was a picture as he backed out again!
I think he thought he was living in there somewhere at the back.

Save the bag it might come in handy for Halloween

Philippa said...

I'm partial to Susie's idea.

Forgive me, but I did have a tiny chuckle while thinking about a recyclable bag being used to carry your brother's remains. The funeral director has a...funny...sense of humor.

Sigh...forgive me dear Elizabeth...if I have offended you.