Thursday, September 24, 2009

What Is It About Us Orthodox ?

What is it about us Orthodox and relics of all descriptions ?

My brother had a lovely fluffy blankie on his bed, which Mum bought for him to use in hospital. It was on his bed when he died, and his hands rested on it all day.

DH and I collected it from the hospital on Monday, when we picked up the medical certificate to register his death, and took it to Mum's along with my brother's other belongings.

Imagine my horror when I went to Mum's yesterday and saw the blankie all folded up on one of the chairs, and Mum calmly announced that she had already washed it.

Washed it !

One of the last tangible things we have which my brother had touched daily for months :-(

I would have wrapped myself up in it for comfort and consolation, not washed it.

But at least I have his mobile phone......
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Meg said...

She probably thought she was being Very Sanitary. I mean, who knows what you can pick up in hospitals.

But I'm with you.

s-p said...

I'm sure there are things that your Mum wouldn't dream of getting rid of. I think Orthodoxy makes us hyper sensitive to "relics" but others still have a regard for them in some way.

elizabeth said...

We all grieve differnetly, perhaps this is just part of it for her. I would feel sad too though. Hang in there. Even though it was washed, it is still something that your brother had and touched.

My love and prayers.