Thursday, September 24, 2009


Updated to add:
Meg, that's what I first thought, but the messages were all from people I had already told of his death. A very 21st century thing, I suppose......

I brought my brother's mobile phone home with me from the hospital after his death, and have kept it in my bag ever since.
And no, it most definitely won't be washed or wiped or cleaned, or anything else :-)

I was so surprised when, a few hours after his death, text messages kept arriving on the phone. I opened them and read them, and they were from various people saying they loved him and would miss him etc.

At first I thought it was rather bizarre, but now I find it very comforting and rather sweet.

Is this, for non-Christian folk, the modern-day version of praying, I wonder ?

Have you ever come across this before ?
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Meg said...

Often, from both Christians and non-Christians. The non-Christians call it "sending good thoughts," like that helps, and the Christians do seem to think of it as a form of prayer.

Perhaps the people sending messages were unaware that your brother had fallen asleep in the Lord?

elizabeth said...

Yes. I think this would be a type of modern praying and also a instictive understanding of their being life after death.

My love and prayers for continued comfort.