Monday, September 07, 2009

News From The Home Front

Sorry about the dearth of posts; things have been complicated within the family.

My brother is deteriorating, slowly but steadily.

Mum is finding it increasingly harder to cope with this in specific and life in general. She is pretty poorly herself at the moment.

A member of the extended family is embarking on a course of action related to my brother which is morally questionable as well as legally dodgy, so I am having to get my brother urgent and appropriate legal protection. Obviously I cannot divulge more than this here........

I seem to be either spending half my life listening to Mum crying, or crying myself. Listening to Mum is definitely worse :-(

DH is well, the children are well, praise God, and I am physically okay apart from stress.

DD3 started Comprehensive school last Thursday and loves it. She is managing the solo bus trips to school just fine, and seems so very grown up now ! DD4 started back this morning and was raring to go at the crack of dawn :-)

I've spent the morning on the phone, washing, making beds, tidying up, filling in paperwork for Mum and I still have a book review to post which must be done today.

I had better get on with writing it fom my notes :-)
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Meg said...

I can't believe how long this is dragging on with your poor brother. Prayers for him, and for you and your mother! This is surely one of the hardest crosses for a parent to bear...

Michelle M. said...

I am so saddened by what your family is going through. I will be praying for you, your mother and your brother.

margaret said...

You are all still in my prayers.

DebD said...

In my prayers as always - especially for your mum. In less than a year we've had two men in their 50's pass away quite quickly from cancer at our parish. It was so hard to see their mom's having to bury their son. At both funerals the choir sang "Do not weep for me, oh my Mother, seeing me on the cross..." from Great and Holy Friday. Not a dry eye in the church after that... but that hymn gives so much hope too.

prayers concerning the family difficulties.

elizabeth said...

I am so sorry to hear about the added difficulties to the pain of your brother's sisckness. This is hard.

My continued love and prayers for all, including your Mum.

s-p said...

It is hard when we children become the "parents". May you be blessed with wisdom and strength.

Philippa said...

Ah Elizabeth, the cross is heavy right now. Know the Saints are present to help you carry it and give comfort in time of need.

May God strengthen you!

Ian Climacus said...

My prayers ascending from Down Under: God grant you all strength and comfort.

And prayers for the kids as they return to school too.