Friday, September 11, 2009

"My Warrior Saints"

"My Warrior Saints" by Dionysios & Egle-Ekaterine Potamitis.

Published by Potamitis Publishing, and available from

It is possible to "flip-through" some of the pages of this book at the Publisher's page.

This beautifully produced large-format (A4 size) 70 page hardback book is an absolute treasure-trove for Orthodox parents. The book is printed on high-quality glossy paper, and is lavishly illustrated with full colour iconographic pictures on each double-page spread.

I have two daughters aged 11 and 7, and was curious how they would react to a book specifically about male warrior saints...... I need not have had any concerns, as they both thoroughly enjoyed it.

Each chapter is exactly the right length for a bedtime story session, and it has become the highlight of our evening. So much so that once we reach the end of the book at our bedtime story sessions, I have been told I have to start right from the beginning again, and they never give a higher compliment than that !

Some of the Saints were familiar, some were not, and it was lovely for me to make their acquaintance as well as being able to introduce them to my children. The Saints' lives are presented in a warm and engaging manner, using a nice mix of colloquialisms and reverent, slightly more formal language where appropriate. The stories are appropriate for all age-groups, though parents might want to re-phrase or edit some of the details for younger children.

Children aged 7- 8 and above would very likely be able to read the book largely unassisted. Young children will really enjoy pointing out and talking about the very detailed pictures, showing birds, animals and sea-life according to the Saint being illustrated. My seven year old was full of "Oooh, look at that !" on almost every page. It really is a pleasure to look at this book.

The Saints included are :-

St Mercurius

St Theodore The Recruit - I loved this chapter, dealing with the Saint's adventures battling the "dreadful serpent dragon" !

St Artemius

St Eustathios and the stag

St Callistratus and his companions

St George the Trophy-bearer

St Procopius

St Constantine the Great

St Menas

St Niketa the Goth

Sts Sergius and Bacchus

It would have been nice to have the stories in the order in which the Saints' feasts appear in the Church Year, but this did not in any way affect our enjoyment of this very special book.

I sincerely hope this company will go from strength to strength and have many more years of publishing these delightful books for the benefit of Orthodox adults and children alike !
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That looks really good, thank you for the review.