Sunday, September 27, 2009

Memorial Cards

After spending several hours struggling over designing memorial cards and being dissatisfied with the results, I was smiled at sympathetically by my two eldest daughters (and one lovely boyfriend!), who went click click click and managed to do in ten minutes what I had laboured over for nearly a day and a half !

I have now just finished printing out, glueing the sheets together, cutting them out individually and finally laminating the 120 memorial cards for my brother's funeral.

A friend is kindly going to "guillotine" the laminated sheets for me tomorrow.

It has cost a fraction of the price of having them professionally produced, and kept me busy. Today, whilst I was cutting, glueing and laminating, the lampada was burning in the icon corner and I was praying the Trisagion prayers and Memory Eternal

I am really pleased with the result, as they look nice and will be a keepsake for those who attend the funeral. It is a photo of my brother at his bubbliest and happiest, when he was much younger, and it makes me smile each time I see it :-)

I just hope I have made enough .......
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DebD said...

what a lovely idea! I wouldn't have the foggiest idea how to go about doing that either.

thegeekywife said...

How nice it was for you to be able to create them prayerfully. And I'm glad they make you smile. :)

And if you should ever need extras, you can make more.

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

I hope you'll post it here, so we, too, can see your brother at his bubblies, brightest self.

Memory eternal!

elizabeth said...

Glad to hear you were able to do this. A really good part of the grief process. My love.

Anonymous said...

As Elizabeth wrote, I too feel it is a good part of the grieving process to do things such as this -- and keeps one busy as well. I know it did for my family on the death of a beloved mother/grandmother. And, yes: please post it here.

Continued prayers and love.

Michelle M. said...

They sound lovely. I agree with Anastasia that you should post a photo on your blog- if you feel comfortable with that. Sending my love!