Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Happy Book-buying !

I read about this book on the Web. I drooled over the recipes. I longed for this book. "Vefa's Kitchen". Sigh. I resolutely put it out of my mind as a needless expense.
It is a mammoth, encyclopaedic tome, devoted to Greek cooking. And I wanted it so very badly........
I saw it in a book shop in the Big City. The only copies they had were not, in my opinion, perfect copies., although they were shrink-wrapped. If you click on the bottom photo showing the top of the spine to see the large version, you can see large lumps of glue from the binding process. I was really sad, especially as I had recently found some unspent gift cards for use at this very same bookshop in the Big City........

I do not know what prompted me to be so forward, being a very shy and retiring character :-) but I pointed out the defect to the sales assistant, who agreed it was not perfect. I asked, very politely, whether it would be possible to have a small discount on the book, given that it cost £25. I was immediately told that I could certainly have a 10% discount and was that acceptable ?

It most certainly was, and I only ended up paying £8 after I used the gift cards.

And yes, I did do the Happy Dance all the way home :-)

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Mimi said...

Good job! You are awesome.