Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Fit To Drop

Today I was on a busy schedule, needing to go to my mum's house to make some urgent telephone calls on her behalf and to deal with a mini-mountain of equally pressing correspondence.

This afternoon I had to go to mother -in-law's to deal with correspondence that she didn't quite understand, before picking DD4 up from school.

Having only a very limited number of hours at my disposal and an even more limited amount of cash, which precluded my using public transport, I was cogitating how I would manage to cram it all in.

As the sun was shining brightly, I decided to drag out my cycle and cycle helmet from the garage.

I have not ridden a bicycle for more than a minute or two at a time for well over twenty years, but today I managed to haul myself , albeit fairly slowly, for the whole two and a half miles (including hills) up to Mum's, and two and a half miles back again. I then walked from my house to mother-in-law's and back, then down to school and back.

I am still alive and kicking, though my legs are aching :-)
Heartfelt thanks are duly recorded to St Nicholas and my guardian angel for their intercessions :-)
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elizabeth said...

good job! That is great; excercise is a blessing.

Meg said...

Sounds like the school year is off to a roaring start for you, between getting out the old bicycle and "Annie." Hope your legs aren't screaming at you today! Hope you don't end up screaming at DD3! Is there someplace else where she can go to practice her part so you can get some peace -- like a garage?