Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Updated to add :
The wind did drop later in the afternoon and it did reach the projected 20 degrees C by teatime.

At the moment it is 7 degrees C / 45 degrees F, and is projected to warm up to 12 C / 54F by lunchtime and 19 C / 66 F by 4pm.

the early morning and early evening temperatures are likely to be fairly brisk in October, so I would recommend bringing a good mix of lightweight clothes and cardigans/light jackets for the occasional warm afternoon and some really warm clothes for inclement days. It will be getting seriously chilly here by the end of October.......

You can access the online weather forecast for Ormskirk here.

Although we have glorious sunshine at the moment, there is a strong and very keen wind blowing and I am absolutely freezing !

The weather forecast said 20 degrees C today, but they must be kidding........
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Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Ooooooh, brrr!

I'll be quite near you in two weeks, to complete the purchase of the flat in Ormskirk, Lancashire. Can you advise me on what sort of clothing to pack?


Hope it warms up for you!

elizabeth said...

warm clothes needed! My love and prayers and some *hugs* too.

s-p said...

We're still over 100F. We won't see below 90F. until the the middle of October or later. I don't know if that is good or bad... :)

Ian Climacus said...

32 degrees C here today...rather warm for Spring. Started off with fog too.