Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Big Foot !

DD3 has big feet. There is simply no getting away from it, however hard we try. Although they are not technically large, as she is only a UK size 5, they are *very* wide. She is currently a "H" fitting, and most people are only a "E" or "F".

We were able to get her school shoes at a local children's shoe shop with little difficulty, but getting her trainers for school sports has been..... difficult.

Actually, scratch that, it has been darn near impossible. On Wednesday last week, I took her on yet another shopping trip and after we had tried no fewer than 6 different shops with no success, we conceded defeat and agreed we would have to go to the Big City on Saturday.

On Saturday morning, we left home with a light step and hope in our hearts. The prospects grew even brighter after we found a wonderful sports shop which effortlessly provided us with well-fitting jogging bottoms, sports shorts, swimming costume and swim cap.

This shop had an incredibly extensive array of trainers and sports shoes, with prices ranging from the inexpensive to the "Gulp ! We need to mortgage the house!" type price tags. Did *any* of these shoes fit ? Nope. A senior manager was called to offer his advice. He was most aploogetic at being unable to accomodate our problem, and told us a few other places to try, which we did, to equal lack of success.

In desperation, we tried a cheap shoe emporium. They had a pair of trainers which actually were moderately comfortable. And inexpensive. Admittedly they are rather lurid, but they FIT Big Foot !

She and I are both happy. So is my purse !

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Mimi said...

I have the same type of feet. Good find~

Philippa said...

Oh Mom...they are very cool looking!

We here at our house struggle with fitting shoes for extra wide feet. Normal width is a "B". The higher the letter, the wider the foot. Then the more numbers of the letter, the wider the foot.

My 24 yo daughter - extra wide woman's size.
The hubster - "EEEE". Nearly impossible to find.

I feel your pain.