Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Recently Read

I love visiting historical places. Castles, churches, cathedrals, stately homes - all are a source of fascination. I was delighted when I found these first two books in a local thrift shop, as they chronicle in loving detail what goes on "behind the scenes" at one historic National Trust house in Norfolk, namely Felbrigg. Utterly engrossing and delightful !

Also read, but not photographed, was Sam Bourne's "The Righteous Men". I was a little taken aback by the multiple repetitions of "Christ" used as a blasphemous expletive, which majorly detracted from my enjoyment of the book . It was an excellent thriller to anyone with an interest in Hassidic Jewish beliefs in a modern day world tied up with a pseudo-Christian cult determined to kill all the last "Righteous Men" alive in the world......

The last book, by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, I found to be particularly noteworthy. So much of what he writes is of relevance to Christians as well as Jews, and the topic of the Ethics of responsibility is of great importance to us all. I enjoyed his thoughts on life in the modern world, though I cannot, as an Orthodox Christian, agree with all his views, especially the Jewish teaching that God reated the world deliberately imperfect and it is man's task to improve upon it.......but well worth reading, nevertheless.

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margi said...

I read everything I see by Dr Sacks, currently 'The Home We Build Together'. He is a most perceptive writer and, even if God didn't create the world imperfect, by repentance we continually improve on what we made of it. Sister Magdalen in Essex says that two hours true repentance does more for the world than years of community works. Not what Dr Sacks is thinking of but a slant on it nonetheless :)

elizabeth said...

Nice! I think I would esp. love the first two! Even the titles are delightful!