Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Very Mixed Batch Of Books

Edited to add:
Elizabeth, I should have been more careful in my editing of my post ! Current RC belief is that a martyr named George did exist, though there is no consensus of details of his life or date of martyrdom. And that is as far as many authorities are prepared to go, including the Catholic encyclopedia.

His feast was also downgraded from a major worldwide feast to a minor locally observed feast following reforms of the RC calendar in 1969......reforms which included completely suppressing all veneration of St Barbara the Martyr , St Ursula and others


Re-read for at least the twentieth time, "The Fifth Elephant". One of Terry Pratchett's very best books.
I love it :-)

I was the very first person to get their hands on this at our local library. I simply couldn't put it down. I may even have to buy my very own copy.....but don't tell my husband I said that....... !

This was borrowed from the library for reference purposes, but I was sadly disappointed to see that it had been polluted by the Vatican 's unilateral decisions that various Saints, venerated for over a millenium, were apocryphal.

St Christopher, St George, St Demetrius are only a few of the "demoted", regardless of the fact that their veneration has always been strong in the Orthodox tradition too. The mind boggles........

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elizabeth said...

athe Catholic Church demoted St. George?!!! unbelievable.

Meg said...

There was a whole fistful of them. St. Christopher, St. George, St. Barbara, St. Margaret of Antioch (our Marina!!), St. Panteleimon, St. Demetrios, St. Dionysius, St. Philomena -- basically, all the Fourteen Holy Helpers, and a few more, too. They were considered "myths" brought from the East to Europe by the Crusaders.

I remember the flap about St. Christopher, who was *very* popular in the States. We ran around calling him "Mr. Christopher" for a year or so before the Vatican decided to "demote" him to a "local" saint, meaning basically that if you wanted to believe in his existence, you could, but that only showed you up for the most gullible idiot possible in this Modern Age of Enlightenment.