Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Picking Your Brains

Talking of zombies, I am planning to resurrect my very rusty Latin skills and teach DD3 some Latin over the summer break.

I have Ecce Romani, Latin For Today and Beginners Latin. I also have a Primer of Ecclesiastical Latin :-)

Are any of my homeschooling readers currently teaching Latin ? If so, what texts/scheme are you using?

I have seen good reviews of Minimus, but I think it may be too "young" for my 11 year old........
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Andrea Elizabeth said...

I had good intentions of teaching "Lively Latin" to my 3rd and 9th graders last year, but only got through a few lessons. I hope to get back to it this summer - maybe after camp next week.

I think it's pretty good so far, but I had to ask a teacher-friend at Church what declensions are as it just said to memorize and conjugate without saying what each case means. I'm sure it will be explained in later lessons but I wanted to know they why's before the how's.

Athanasia said...

Elizabeth, I just discovered this website called I think it may be of help to you because it provides free lessons for learning another language.

DebD said...

Sorry, I'm no help. My two oldest took Latin online many years ago and I can't remember the curriculum the teacher used.