Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The First Hour, Shortened.

The First Hour

The Trisagion prayers, as normal.

Psalm 5
Prayer for Divine Help

Listen to my words, 0 Lord, attend to my complaint. Be attentive to the voice of my appeal, 0 my King and my God!
For to You will I pray, 0 Lord. At dawn You shall listen to my voice, at dawn I will stand at Your service and look up.
For You are not a God pleased with iniquity, neither shall the evil-doer dwell
with You, nor shall transgressors stand before Your sight.
You loathe all those who work iniquity. You will destroy all those who speak lies. The Lord abhors all persons of blood and deceit.
But I, in the abundance of Your love, will have access to Your dwelling-place. Before Your holy temple I will worship in the fear of You.
0 Lord, be my guide in Your justice, because of my foes, clear my path before You.
Indeed, in their mouth there is no truth, their heart is vain. Their throat is but a gaping tomb, their words deceive.
Judge them, 0 God, let them founder in their evil plots. Because of their many crimes, cast them out, for they have risen against You, the Lord.
And all those who trust in You shall rejoice; they shall feast for evermore.
And You shall dwell among them, and all who love Your name shall be glad.
For You bless the just ones, 0 Lord; You have covered us as with a shield of grace.

Psalm 89
Frailty of Man
0 Lord, You have been for us a refuge from age to age. Before the mountains came to be, before the earth and the world were formed, from all eternity to all eternity, You are.
Let not man return to wretchedness. You said: Turn back, You sons of men! A thousand years in Your sight are but a yesterday, long past, and as a watch of night.
Years shall be nothingness to them. Let the morning pass away as tender grass.
In the morning, let it bloom and fade, in the evening, let it droop and wilt and dry.
For we have perished by Your anger, and we have been shaken by Your wrath.
You have placed our sins before You; our time stands in the light of Your face. For all our days are wasted, and we have passed away in Your wrath.
Our years are as fragile as a spider's web; the number of our years is seventy years. Eighty years perhaps if we are among the strong, and their span is but toil and sorrow.
Who knows the might of Your anger? By the fear of You shall Your wrath be measured.
Thus make known to me Your right hand, and those who were trained with wisdom in their heart.
Return, 0 Lord! How long shall You delay?
Take up the defense of those who serve You.
In the morning, fill us with Your love, that we may rejoice and be glad in all our days.
Repay us in joy the times You did afflict us, the many years when disgrace was our lot.
Let Your work be manifest to Your servants, and Your glory to their children. And may the brightness of the Lord our God shine upon us, and may He prosper the
works of our hands for us, may He prosper the works of our hands!

Psalm I00
God's Love and Justice

To You, Lord, I will sing of love and judgment; I will sing to the harp and walk a blameless path.
0, when will You come to me? I have walked with innocence of heart in the midst of my house.
I have not set before my eyes any unlawful thing; I detest those who commit evil deeds.
A perverse heart has not been my companion; the wicked man turned away from me, I knew him not.
Whoever slandered his neighbor in secret, him I expelled. With a man of haughty airs and greedy heart, I would not share a meal.
My eyes are upon the faithful of the land so that they may dwell with me. The man who walked a blameless path, he has attended me.
The man who practiced haughtiness found no lodging in my house. The man
who spoke unjustly did not prosper in my sight.
Early did I slay all the sinners of the land, rooting out of the city of the Lord all the workers of iniquity.

Glory be ... now and ever ...

Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! Glory be + to You, 0 God! Three times, each with a bow.

The Psalter
Turn to the proper kathismata. At the conclusion, continue with:
Lord, have mercy. Three times.

Troparion of the Day

Glory be ...

Turn to the proper troparion of the day. Continue with:
Now and ever ...

What shall we call you, 0 Full of Grace?
A Heaven, for you have borne the Sun of Justice?
A Paradise; for you have brought forth the Flower of Immortality?
A Virgin, for you have remained undefiled?
A Mother, holding her holy arms the Son Who is the God of all? Intercede with
Him for the salvation of our souls.

Let my way be straight according to Your word; let no sin overcome me. Save me from the wickedness of men, and I will keep Your commandments.
Let Your face shine upon Your servants, and teach me Your laws.
Let my mouth be filled with Your praise, 0 Lord, and let me sing Your glory and magnificence
+ all the day long.

Kontakion of the Day
Turn to the proper kontakion of the day. At the conclusion, continue with:

Lord, have mercy. Forty times.

0 Christ our God, in all times and places You are worshiped and glorified both in heaven and on earth.
You are long-suffering and generous in Your mercy and compassion. You love the Just and show mercy to the sinner, calling all people to repentance through the promise of blessings to come.
Deem, 0 Lord, at this very hour, to receive our supplications and to direct our lives in the path of Your commandments.
Sanctify our souls; purify our bodies; set aright our minds; cleanse our thoughts; deliver us from all affliction, trouble and distress; surround us with Your holy Angels so that, guided and guarded in their camp, we may attain oneness of faith and the knowledge of Your unspeakable glory. For You are
blessed + forever and ever. Amen.

The Prayer of the Hour

0 Christ, the True Light, Who enlightens and sanctifies everyone in the world, mark us with the light of Your countenance so that we may see the unapproachable radiance. Let our life be straight along the path of Your commandments, through the prayers + of Your most pure Mother and of all the Saints.

If continuing with the next Hour, recite the three Come, let us... and begin the Psalms.
Otherwise, recite the Concluding Prayers :

It is truly meet to call thee blessed, who didst bring forth God.....
Glory be......

Lord have mercy x3
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