Monday, June 08, 2009

Blotches, Part 2

Wouldn't you know it......after arranging a doctor's appointment for 11.20 for my offspring, I was sitting in the waiting room with them and watching their blotches fade dramatically before my very eyes as we waited for our slightly "running late" appointment.

By the time they got in to see the doctor, the botches were all but invisible. I felt such a fraud !

He has reassured me that they are fine, nothing to worry about, just a mild virus of non-specific origin and they are fit to go back to school tomorrow.

I could crawl under a stone ............... but next time I am TAKING PHOTOS of the rash when it is at its worst !
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Michelle M. said...

I've done just that- taken photos of the rash- because it always seems like children get better as soon as they are in the doctor's office :)

Mimi said...

My oldest son was once diagnosed with freckles so I totally know what you mean.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear -- but I can identify.

And I recall getting my mum out of bed with a stabbing pain at 1am when I was 10 or so. We went to the hospital...and about 4am I told her, "I'm alright now."

elizabeth said...

oh no! camera for sure! I think we have all had things like this...

My love to you this day!