Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Trompe L'Oeil

I really love seeing good trompe l'oeil paintings, but this artist really is outstanding !

For loads of his amazing outdoor visual illusions, wander over here.......
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elizabeth said...

that's really neat! I enjoyed looking at and reading this article - thanks!

Philippa said...

i love art like that! thanks for sharing it Elizabeth.

How's your brother by the way?

Michael said...

Did I not comment on this yesterday? Obviously not. Perhaps I got caught up too much in actually enjoying the art. It really is splendid and interesting, and because this very visible form of art is public by its nature and not tucked away in a gallery or placed in the Cornerhouse, it must really engage the people who see it. I think it's amazing.

Do you think we could hire him to do a mural on the west wall of our new, little church to give it the impression of having the length of an ancient Roman basilica? It could be like a TARDIS, and we could claim it as the miraculous churhc of Wallasey. Think of the number of conversions!