Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Oh Dear

We had a pretty fraught morning.

Frankly, if I wore makeup, today would have been a complete *waste* of makeup.

Started about 4am when DD4 woke up with bad dreams.
Having slept badly myself, I couldn't be bothered to crawl out of bed, tuck her back up in her own room etc etc. So I gave in and tucked her up in my bed.
In all fairness she went straight back to sleep. I didn't. Not for a long time. And my alarm goes off at 6.30am....

Cue the rise of the Zombie Monster.

I lay in bed and read my emails on my web book...then DD3 got up and cuddled into bed whilst I physically got up and got dressed. Of course, DD4 then woke up rather earlier and grumpier than she would have done if left to her own devices, as her sister is a grade A wriggly worm.

Came downstairs, let the dog out in the garden, tidied up, made packed lunch for DD3's schoolbag. Called to DD4 to get dressed, which she did very quickly. DD3, uncharacteristically, dawdled and delayed and dragged her feet.

Cue much shouting from me.

DD4 asking me repeatedly would be be able to get to school early ? Reassured her that yes, we would get to school in good time for her to have time to play in the yard before the bell rang.


DD4 all dressed, coat on, backpack on back. Where, oh where, is DD3?

Shout upstairs several times. Wonder if neighbours will start hammering on the wall to complain about all the shouting.

No answer.

Storm upstairs like an avenging fury, to find DD3 mostly dressed, hair still unbrushed, sitting on her bed LISTENING TO HER MP3 PLAYER.


Scream for her to get a move on, it is nearly 8.30 and we should have left at 8.25. Howls of indignant protests from her. It wasn't her fault she wasn't ready:-(

Come downstairs.

DD4 decides she needs to go the toilet again. She goes upstairs, DD3 comes downstairs.

All present and correct by the door ready to go out at 8.33am. Heave sigh of relief. If we gallop, we will not actually be late.

Deal with sulking children all the walk to school.

To one child : No, you won't have time to play. No, it is not my fault.

To the other : You should not be lisening to your MP3 player till you are completely and utterly ready for school, including having brushed your hair and put your shoes and coat on !!!

Feel frazzled and fed up. Try to explain why they need to do the important things first.

Get to school just as second bell is ringing. Kiss the aforesaid children, tell them I do love them, and wish them both a good day. Children run like the blazes down the path but make it into the class lines just in time.

Heave sigh of relief. We made it.

I hate days which start with niggling and silly things which cause so much hassle. I hate shouting at my lovely girls.

Came home and read this on a blog:

"The book I’m currently reading about Confession has named being unpunctual (that is, late) as wrong because – I hadn’t thought of it this way before – you then place others in near occasion of sin because your late-ness induces others to grumbling. Not that the others are necessarily justified in grumbling, mind, but..yeah. "

From Puella's blog

Oh dear. Perhaps I should have not spent time on the internet this morning and instead made sure the girls *were* well on the way to being ready, instead of just anticipating they would be, like they are normally.......

So I guess it was my fault after all, as much as theirs, and possibly far more than theirs................. if I had left reading my emails etc till after I had taken them to school, I would have been on top of what they were doing rather than leaving them to their own devices, and the day would not have started with sadness. Come to think of it, I did not even greet them with "Christ is risen!" this morning.

Plenty of fodder here for Confession, I think. And yes, it was mostly my fault - I need to remember to do the important things first !

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Michelle M. said...

I found myself doing similar things this morning. It can be so frustrating to get my children out the door- and this week we have relatives in town, which makes things even more complicated. Thanks for sharing this!!

elizabeth said...

Yeah. I can understand this. I have a hard time with time and leaving on time and such things. My love to you!

Mimi said...

I also found myself doing the same thing - being on the computer and missing my prayer time, in my case.