Saturday, May 09, 2009

"How We Die"

This book, by eminent American surgeon Sherwin Nuland, is a classic and a treasure.

I had my first copy for several years, then decided that I didn't really need it and donated it to the local Public Library. Needless to say, within a few weeks I was regretting that decision and kept looking for a replacement copy. This one is definitely staying in my house, and has been for several years now :-)

Warning :Do NOT read it if you or anyone you love has a serous or terminal illness, as parts of it may be incredibly distressing.

If you want an honest and objective detailed medical analysis of the processes of death made accessible to a lay audience, this is a gripping albeit spine-chilling book.
It covers suicide, murder, degenerative physical and mental illnesses as well as cancer and heart disease in uneasy but compelling detail.

It is a useful book to bear in mind if you are wishing to be mindful of the ever-present nearness of Death..........
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DebD said...

I find this subject quite fascinating. This book would be right up my alley.