Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Foiled Again

As today is DD3's 11th birthday, we were planning to take her out for the day as a special treat.

First, the car decided to play up, refusing to start, so it has had to go into the garage to be serviced today. We didn't fancy driving a hundred miles on a day -out trip to end up stranded there overnight....
Ho hum.

Secondly, the weather is atrocious here. We have had torrential rain for hours, high winds and it is generally cold and unpleasant - and that is *in* the house !! So it wouldn't be much fun being out walking in that. Even the dog didn't want to hang around in the garden that has to be a first !!

We are just chilling, lounging and sufferin' at the moment.

DD3 was thrilled with her present of all 15 of Caroline Lawrence's Roman Mysteries books and a learn to play the guitar book, amongst others :-)

DD4 is busy making another surprise craft present for her adored big sister, with a little help from me on some tricky "cutting out with scissors" bits.

Me ? Well, I am just taking advantage of the unplanned peace and quiet to do a spot of blogging...... such a rarity for me, LOL !
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