Saturday, May 30, 2009

Busy Reading....

This was a really interesting read, by a Northerner, about the real "Up North". If your only knowledge of the North is from watching Coronation Street or Emmerdale Farm, the reality is very different. I thoroughly enjoyed it but was disappointed that the binding was in poor condition for a gently handled - albeit second-hand - paperback.

The Gordon Ramsey book.
What can I say ??

I have several of his recipe books, and have enjoyed some of his TV shows despite the constant barrage of the "f" word used as an adjective. I read the first part of this book and gave up in disgust. I simply refuse to waste any more of my time reading about someone who could betray his boss by having an affair with his wife, and subsequently regards it as a slightly OTT teenaged prank for which he need show no real remorse. I wouldn't bother reading it, if I were you.

My copy of "The Cloister Walk", by the poetess Kathleen Norris, is in imminent danger of falling apart from such frequent re-reading.

How did a small-town Presbyterian end up becoming an oblate of a large RC monastery ? Read it and find out. It is a loving look at the life of a Benedictine community and its oblates, and how her life has been changed as a result.

A lovely but very thought-provoking book, which tackles some very hard questions about RC spirituality and liturgical life during the twentieth century.

I have read more, but as it has been mainly comfort reading of childhood favourites, I thought I would spare you boredom of ramblings about the Abbey School books :-)
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Meg said...

I love The Cloister Walk, too. I'm not sure if it was in there, or in her subsequent book, The Quotidian Mysteries, that she told my all-time favorite anecdote, about a friend who said she was going to have engraved on her tombstone, "At last her laundry's done." I'm seriously considering it!!

elizabeth said...

I love this book as well (FYI the laundry quote is in this one... I love that too)....

This is one of my favourite of Norris' works, though I like all of them.

Here explanation of the church Fathers in this (and in Amazing Grace: a Vocabulary of Faith) helped me get past some of my former feminist questions some years past. And her books helped me, a few years later, when I joined the Orthodox Church.

Some mighty good things in her books!

DebD said...

I have been recommended Norris' books several times. Someday I need to put her on the top of the TBR list.

Meadowlark Days said...

Norris is one of my favorites - have you read some of her other works?