Saturday, April 18, 2009

Visiting brother in hospital last night was funny.

Having been there for a fortnight, his fingernails were in dire need of attention, so Mum had brought her manicure set in with her and I was delegated to do the honours.

My brother and I laughed and laughed; for some reason it was just really funny, as the other three male patients all had visitors and were for some reason *avidly* watching the manicure.

Of course I then felt obliged to keep up a running commentary on the action, to which the entire ward and all the other visitors payed close attention. There were even suggestions of nail varnish.......

It was good to see my mum and my brother smiling and joking, despite it being a very difficult and stressful day.
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1 comment:

elizabeth said...

read your latest posts. May God continue to have mercy. sounds like a special time with your brother.