Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Random Thought

Random Thoughts from tonight's journey to visit my beloved brother...

seeing a solitary gull flying across the vast and empty twilight dusk sky.

two wild rabbits peacefully nibbling grass on a busy dual-carriageway (freeway) roundabout.

seeing my brother sitting up in bed, laughing and joking with my young ones, DH and I tonight, when we visited him in hospital, and thinking back to how utterly disorientated, confused and incoherent he was when we saw him on Sunday.

the unfailing kindness of DD2 and her boyfriend who managed to track down a replacement cell phone for my brother's malfunctioning one, so he can phone his daughters and my mum whenever he wants to instead of feeling lonely and isolated in the hospital.

Praise God from whom every blessing flows.........
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1 comment:

elizabeth said...

May God continue to have mercy. I thought of you and your brother as I lit my candle at church last night... My small prayers.