Sunday, April 19, 2009


It is a glorious sunny day here, but still rather chilly.
My fingers are steadily going completely numb as I type :-)

For the first night in ages, (well, since my brother went into hospital just over a fortnight ago ) I was actually sleeping soundly last night, when I was woken by my bedroom door opening and DD4 chimes up:

"Mummy, I've just been to the toilet and I wanted to check that I hadn't woken you up by flushing the toilet".

Bless her ! So I tucked her snugly back up in her bed, kissed her and blessed her again, and looked at my clock.


3.30am !!

Queue several hours of sleeplessness later.........

At 7am she was back in my room, full of the joys of Pascha and Spring, ready to start the day. So I gave up gracefully and came downstairs for the first guilt-free cup of tea with milk since Lent began, LOL.

Personally, I hear the seductive siren-like call of "More sleep ! More sleep!", so I may give in gracefully and zzzzzzzzzzz for a bit longer :-)
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Michelle M. said...

We all got to sleep until about 10:30-- What a small miracle with two little kids.

Blessed Pascha! Christ is Risen!

elizabeth said...

Blessed Pascha!

I know that call of sleep! What a sweet one you have... so cute and happy!

Joan said...

Christ is risen! Indeed He is risen!

From an American Mom of four grown children. What a glorious week it has been in the Church. After 38 years years as an Orthodox Christian I am still amazed, gratified and humbled by the beauty and love of our Lord. Christ is risen and life reigns!