Tuesday, April 21, 2009

“The Great Eight” by Scott Hamilton

“The Great Eight” by Scott Hamilton.

I remember watching Scott Hamilton winning his Olympic gold medal for skating back in 1984.
His book, “The Great Eight” shares some of his skating secrets as well as his "attitude to life" secrets.

His childhood was plagued by illness. His discovery of skating precipitated a determination to return to health. Good coaching and his own very hard work saw him shoot to fame, but he made many mistakes along the way, which taught him a great deal about how he both saw and lived his life.

The sometimes difficult events, especially his struggles with cancer, have helped him develop his positive attitude to life and also strengthened his marriage and his relationships. He honestly details his return to Christian faith and the ways in which God has blessed him, though many would not regard Scott’s health problems as blessings.

This is a thoughtful and inspiring book, which is subtitled “How to be happy (even when you have every reason to be miserable)” for a good reason. His main message to the reader is that although you cannot always choose what happens in your life, you certainly can choose how you view and respond to situations and to people.

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