Saturday, April 11, 2009

Eye Eye !

How we spent this morning.......

DD3 woke up with her eyelid red and swollen badly, and complaining of acute pain at 7.30am. I don't believe in taking any risks where eyes are concerned, so off I go to phone the "out of hours GP service".

The recorded message you initially get gives you a very long list of things that they will not consider seeing you for, and eventually I get connected to a human being. The gentleman was very pleasant, took lots of details and told me that the on-call doctors would be informed and that I would get a phone call back within one hour to ask for more information before they would decide if she needed to be seen.

Well, hello, the child has a swollen face and is in pain.She does need to be seen by a doctor !

I was busy ranting about this to DH when ten minutes later, the phone rings. Would we be able to take DD3 into the out of hours clinic for the second appointment slot of the morning ?

Having assured them that we would be there, the young ones were hastily inducted into clothes and hustled into the car to get to the clinic.

When we got there, there were 5 members of staff at the reception desk. One was on the phone and getting information from staff member 2 at the same time, and no 3 was sitting at the desk typing.

In the magnificent customer service tradition of the NHS, I was left standing, ignored by everyone for at least five minutes whilst waiting to book her in. There was a large TV in the waiting area, carefully angled to provide maximum viewing access - shame it was to the reception desk staff and not to the patients on seats in the waiting room !

Once she was seen by the doctor, he was kind, thorough, very efficient and immediately said she needed antibiotic ointment for the affected eye.
Having had four doses today, she is feeling more comfortable , so hopefully it will clear up quickly. We have been told to look out for certain warning signs, whereupon she needs to go straight back in, but please God, she will have a speedy resolution of optical health.
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Ian said...

Continued prayers from Down Under...

Philippa said...

Was this conjunctivitis (also known as pink-eye here across the pond)? My daughter used to get this all the time when working in childcare. Her doctor said, "When you get it in one eye, treat both eyes because it is highly contagious."

Hope that proves not to be the case with your daughter!