Sunday, March 22, 2009

On The Way Home

It is one of life's ironies that we can leave Wales freely across either of the Severn bridges, but we have to pay to re-enter God's Own Country.

This is the newest Severn toll bridge. I happen to think it is rather beautiful and worth the £5.40 it costs to traverse it back to Wales. :-)
I was not quick enough off the draw with the camera to photograph the "Welcome To Wales" sign which greets you as you re-enter our home land , but the young ones raised a cheer as we passed it.

Once we get to the bridge it is about 45 minutes more drive till we reach home.

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DebD said...

it's always nice to get back home. Our kids raise a cheer when we enter our home state.

Ian said...

Lovely bridge.

And wonderful photos of your trip; thanks for sharing.

Walt Trachim said...

Awesome photos, Elizabeth!

Personally, I hate tolls, and I don't know anyone who likes them. Especially the one-way only really high tolls. Boston has a similar setup; if you're going towards Logan Airport by the Callahan Tunnel (inbound), there's no charge. If you're leaving by the Sumner Tunnel (outbound), I think the cost is now something like $6.50 for a passenger vehicle. If you have a transponder on your car you don't notice it so much, I guess, until you receive the monthly bill... :)