Saturday, March 14, 2009

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Updated yet again to add :

My brother was indeed "drained" on Monday and discharged home on Tuesday. God willing, there will be some sustained progress this time round........

Updated to add:

I was asked if this was a common occurrence with the NHS...oh yes, unfortunately.

There are many treatments for diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer's etc, for which there is ample evidence of benefit, but a wonderful committee called NICE evaluate the cost/benefit ratios and decide whether or not they will recommend them to be used on the NHS. You can still get them if you pay privately, though.

Shortages of staff, equipment and medication are all too common. Sometimes you are lucky, sometimes not.

And to complicate matters, each area health authority can decide which of the NICE authorised treaments or drugs they will fund for NHS use in their own area.

You can end with a situation where people in the same town are on completely unequal drug protocols for their identical ailment, because they live in different streets and have different postcodes (zip codes)which means they fall into different hospital catchment areas.

Up till now, my brother's care on the NHS has far surpassed the care he recieved from a well-known private medical company here in the UK, but I own to being upset that he is in unremitting and needless pain for 60 hours because our local hospital doesn't have any of the "right" drainage needles or a qualified member of staff on duty this weekend to do the procedure.
It sucks, frankly.

But he has been told he will be first on the list for the procedure on Monday morning :-)


My brother is back in hospital again, but his treatment can't start till Monday due to no staff able to perform the necessary procedure and also they have run out of supplies of the necessary needles.
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elizabeth said...

Lord have mercy

JTKlopcic said...

Please pardon the question, but is such a thing a common occurence? Here in the States, I've never encountered a hospital running low on staff or supplies, but then, our healthcare is among the most expensive in the world. I've always wondered about the lower cost medical systems in other countries, if there was a lower standard of care or something. Just curious.

May the Good Physician watch over your brother!

Michelle M. said...

Praying for your brother!

Ian said...

Lord, have mercy.

My prayers ascending from Down Under.

margi said...

Reason to quit nursing #1001.

I will pray for your brother.

JTK, I've heard friends in the US complain of lack of supplies but I don't understand your system well enough to know what kinds of hospitals they work in. Here in the UK, as Elizabeth has described, there isn't so much a system as a deteriorating form of once organised chaos.