Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Life continues hectic here.

Very little I can blog about due to issues of confidentiality and privacy of other people, but some nights I am simply *crawling* into bed to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The young ones are well, and DD3 enjoyed her school's residential trip to an outdoor activity centre recently.

Basil the dog managed to rip one of his claws almost completely apart on Friday, necessitating a quick but expensive trip to the Vet's office for them to tidy it up and give him his vaccine boosters at the same time :-)

At least he didn't bleed .....DH doesn't like blood. Not even his own.
Blood doesn't faze me in the slightest, but dealing with eyes, teeth and sputum....... bleuch !

I will try to post photos of more books recently read ASAP. No matter how frantic my life is, there is *always* time to read, even if it is when standing at the cooker and stirring food at the same time !
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Mimi said...

Yeouch. That sounds painful, poor Basil.

And, I totally agree, there's always time to read.

elizabeth said...

hope things get better - sounds like some exhausting times!

poor pup and his foot!

i also find time to read ...

hang in there!