Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A Must-Read !

Boomtown, by Nowen N. Particular

This is a superb, good-humoured, rollicking older children's adventure story of a preacher and his family moving to an unusual town which has a fireworks factory. Within minutes of their arrival, they cause chaos, but are accepted whole-heartedly by the inhabitants, some of whom are highly unusual themselves, but are all tolerant of people's quirks.

The Preacher is worried to find that all his predecessors have died in very unusual circumstances, and true to form, his life is repeatedly in danger from freak accidents. Much to his surprise, he discovers and finally accepts that people who are unusual or who have problems don't always need to be "fixed", but accepted, loved, and cared for.........

The whole town accepts the new arrivals, and just when it seems that Boomtown is the perfect place to live, a series of mysterious thefts sets the townsfolk ill at ease. They are used to having their bank robbed as regular as clockwork by one inhabitant, who sulks if the police are late coming to arrest him, but these mysterious thefts are unnerving......

The ending is satisfying but rather bitter-sweet.
I look forward to more from this author !
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