Saturday, February 28, 2009

Keeping Busy

Update to add :
Hi Victoria,
a fortnight is exactly two weeks long. Although archaic, it is still a word in everyday usage here :-)

We have an official Welsh Assembly school inspection imminent, hence my infrequent posting.
Truth be told, I haven't been home much during the day during this last fortnight.

We have all prepared as much as we are able - teaching staff, support staff, everyone who works or helps out in the school, so it is all in the hands of the Inspectors now....... Gulp.

I'm glad it doesn't affect me directly, though some of the volunteer work I do will indeed be seen live by the Inspectors. I have been through the stress and come out in the "so traumatised I am chilled out" zone !
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1 comment:

Victoria said...

sounds stressful! I'm not sure if we have an equivalent measure here in Canada.

I love that you use the word 'fortnite'. how long is a fortnite? I've always wondered, and only come upon it in Jane Austen, and other books from that period.