Sunday, January 18, 2009

Stoopid !

That's what I am.

I did something so mind-numbingly stupid that I am ashamed to 'fess up. But I will, even if only to make you all laugh......and to act as a cautionary tale !

When I had my shiny new web book, I set up my user name and account and tweaked a few settings. I also set up an admin account and password, picking something I would easily remember as a password. In my excitement, I neglected to write the password down.

Bad, bad move.

I have used the password on numerous occasions, even as late as the beginning of last week, but when I went to type it in on Friday, my mind went blank. Utterly, completely blank. No problem, I thought, I will sleep on it and try again Saturday.

Could I remember it on Saturday ? Not on your life. I have tried 75 passwords and none of them worked. In the end I had to 'fess up to DH, who rolled his eyes at my foolishness but graciously spent several hours sorting the mess out. If I had just got Ubuntu on the machine there would not have been a big problem, but because the machine came from a company which had put their own proprietary "Ubuntu for Dummies" user interface on there as well, the standard protocols did not apply and special, nay, almost heroic measures were taken by DH.

I am pleased to report that he was successful, that a new password has been duly set up and written down in a place of safety. To be even safer, DH has set up a seperate admin account and password which is also written down in a place of safety, so we both know both of them.

Hopefully he won't have to do this again .

I think I have learnt my lesson, but it was a steep learning curve, LOL.

Always keep a record of crucial passwords in a safe place !!
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elizabeth said...

we all do these things I think! Glad it worked out!!

magda said...

This is why I tell all my passwords to my husband! (Especially for seldom-used accounts, he remembers which password goes with which user name for which account.)