Saturday, January 03, 2009



The company who actually produced the programme have very kindly sent me a dvd of the series !!! Full marks to this company !
The DVD is all Welsh language, with no subtitles, but I have a few Welsh speaking friends whom I will ask to help with the bits I don't understand. But Orthodoxy is Orthodoxy in all parts of the world, and when they go to the USA I will be able to understand that well enough :-)


Margi, thank you for the info ! I have emailed the production company and will post what reply I get back from them :-)


Imagine a tv series about an Orthodox priest in a small UK parish who goes on a journey to all sorts of interesting Orthodox places around the world.

Imagine my delight when an inane moment of random Googling turned up a reference to this upcoming series in an American Newspaper web site.

Imagine my excitement as I head for the relevant TV Channel web site to find out more.

Imagine my annoyance as I find that the wretched TV channel has broadcast the entire series already with no publicity (- unless you are a fluent Welsh speaker who watches S4C, the Welsh language TV channel very regularly, which I do not,to my shame).

Imagine my further annoyance as I find that the Channel web site even has the majority of its programmes available to watch or download .........except the Programme I want !!!

And that is an understatement.

Information about the programme, about an Orthodox priest from North Wales, whom I have met, can be found here. It looks wonderful. But I can't watch it.

And apparently it has been repeated earlier this week too, so goodness knows when it will be shown again.

As I said earlier, Grrrrrrr !!!
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DebD said...

Oh that would annoy me very much. I don't blame you one bit.

Mimi said...

Grrrrr, that is really annoying.

margi said...

I would have LOVED that. I emailed the tv company and this is what I got. I think I will contact the production people... only last night I was on the phone with our Matushka and talking about how horrid and worthless telly is...

Dear Margaret,
Thank you for contacting S4C.
The first episode of Taith y Tad Deiniol was broadcast on December 9 and repeated on December 31.
Unforfunately we do not have the rights to show the programmes on Clic.
To request a copy of the series do contact the production company, Pixel. Here are their details:
Pixel Foundry
Uned 1, Forest Studios, Ceinws, Machynlleth SY20 9HA
Ffôn: 01654 761361
Cyswllt: Pete Telfer
Blwyddyn Newydd Dda / Happy New Year