Monday, January 26, 2009

D'oh !

I have finally worked out that what I fondly thought was my addiction to chocolate is, in fact, an addiction to sugar.

How did I come to this earth-shattering revelation ?

The cheapskate oops, company which manufacture the large tins of Heroes mixed chocolates have recently changed the brands included to provide a preponderance of less expensive brands. Gone are the delectable Dream bars, Time-outs and others, to be replaced by Bournville. Don't get me wrong, I like Bournville dark chocolate in small doses :-)

But when the remnants of the Christmas choccies meant that only Bournvilles were left in the huge tin, rattling around somewhat sadly, I decided that it was my duty to eat them, not least because we can't afford to buy any more sweet stuff for a while.
So I have been diligently munching Bournville, and my normal monthly cravings overwhelming urge for chocolate has not been satisfied, despite copious amounts of Bournville. Normally I would opt for milk chocolate, which of course contains milk and sugar in positively industrial quantities.
Aha !

So the six million dollar question is, do I continue going cold turkey and ruthlessly eliminate milk chocolate, driving my family to despair in the process, or do I pander to my whims and the sugar cravings ?

All comments welcome.......
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magda said...

I am subscribed to your blog in Google Reader, and the entry next to this one was rather amusing in context: part of a sugar-detox challenge.

I am also somewhat addicted to sugar, but am trying to cut down on that as well as eat more vegetables. (Okay, any vegetables.) I have been trying to replace ice cream with yogurt when one of those "urges" hits. That said, I still have ice cream in the freezer and kitkats in the pantry. (We're not mentioning the one lonely brownie in the kitchen, calling my name ...)

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Do not try to cut chocolate from your diet! To do so may be possible, but if so, only for saints, and male saints at that, who have different hormones. The very attempt would smack of hubris. It would in all likelihood end in failure, leaving you despondent, discouraged and deprived. Plus, you risk dying of Chocolate Starvation.


Mimi said...

I am a big fan of making sure that I have a serving (one serving) of sweets a day - some days I'm better than others.

But, remember that St. Lazarus ate something sweet every day after the Lord raised him from the dead in remembrance of the sweetness of life.

elizabeth said...

you know compassion on your family is a good reason to have chocolate... hmmmm...

all things in moderation i think is the key!

Philippa said...

Elizabeth, I suggest you see a psychiatrist because clearly you have fallen into some kind of delirium or psychotic state.


No, I do not think you should give it up. Regulate it maybe, but not give it up. Clearly, the authority on this issue is the nurse in Harry Potter. Chocolate is an absolute necessity for good health and healing.

Not to mention it is full of caffeine and the headache you would get from withdrawal would be ferocious.

I vote for a continuation of the medicinal daily dose.

LOL! :o)

Simply Victoria said...

hm. not being a huge chocolate fan myself, I say give it up! :)
(kidding!!! kidding!!! by all means keep the chocolate goodness going!)