Friday, January 30, 2009

Books Finished

This was a gripping read - the true story of an SAS mission which went wrong in the first Iraqui war, and how one man survived a truly horrific ordeal.

This was a delight, a complete opposite to the first book ! It is an old book, dealing with two almost retirement age sisters who buy a tiny island, one mile offshore the coast of Cornwall, in 1965, and how they survived the trials and tribulations of a very isolated life with no amenities.

This was a very serendipitous find at a charity shop ! An Ellis Peters book that I had never read, published under her real name of Edith Pargeter. A rather lovely description of a young girl and her obsessive, Svengali-like great-aunt's fall from riches to reduced straits and how they both come to terms - or fail to- with the situation.

This last one, I think I enjoyed most of all. The author upped sticks, left his job, his wife and their two very young children to fulfill what can only charitably described as a mid-life crisis living in the wilds of Alaska for a winter.

The man was barking mad and had a saint for a wife, that's all I can say - but it was a truly amazing adventure nevertheless, and exceptionally well-written. Needless to say, he survived, but on several occasions it was a very close-run thing......

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magda said...

Thank you! I've put some of these on my goodreads "to read" shelf.

elizabeth said...

enjoyed hearing about these books! thanks!

DebD said...

I'll be putting several of these and the others on my GoodReads list too. I wonder if the one about the sisters in Cornwall is the basis for the movie "The Lavender Sisters". Sounds familiar. I loved Ellis Peter's books but have only read one she wrote under her own name. And John Thaw was one of my favorite actors - May he rest in peace.