Tuesday, December 30, 2008

This Post Is Brought To You

...........by the new web book.
From my nice warm bed.
I got up several hours ago and turned the central heating on full blast, but the house is still cold. Bed is the warmest place to be at the moment even when already fully dressed :-)
I did toy with the idea of posting a photo of me from the inbuilt webcam, but decided that would probably be inhumane to you, my dear readers, LOL.

I will try not to go on any more today about the whizzy new toy. I promise.
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Laura said...

Actually, I'd like for you to go on a little bit. LOL. How is a web book different from a laptop. Can you not do word processing with it? Or, is it strictly for internet based things such as email and web browsing? Just curious...

Philippa said...

Ooooooooooo!!! I am jealous of the ability to surf the 'net from the bed! Wow!

Pictures, we demand pictures of said author in her bed fully dressed!


Have fun with your new toy!

Mimi said...

Hoooo! Enjoy!