Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Precious.............

Updated to add:
it is very neat and portable. The screen size is 8.9 inches from one diagonal corner to another. Literally small enough to slip into a moderate sized handbag (purse in USA, I think !).

Laura asked about the web book :-)
I wasn't going to blog about it any more, honest, LOL.

It is a scaled down laptop, basically. Or a glorified upmarket PDA.

It has an 8Gb hard drive, but will accept SD expansion cards to bulk out the capacity by up to 64Gb. Or you can use flash drives in the USB ports too. It has WiFi and Bluetooth.

Mine has an Atom processor and is running Linux Ubuntu as its operating system as opposed to Windows.

It has everything a laptop has **except** a CD/DVD drive. It can play streaming DVD/movies/anything from YouTube, streaming audio and internet Radio Stations, so it is tuned in to The Ark already :-)

It has a web browser, email, a complete Open Office suite so it can be used to do spreadsheets, databases, word processing etc.
It can play games, edit photos/videos, has a built in webcam etc.

It does everything I could want it to do, to be honest, at a fraction of the price of a full laptop. I am glad we opted for this rather than a laptop :-)

And Philippa, I will take a webcam photo from it sometime tomorrow, barring disasters. Though if it gets any colder, you will see me blogging in bed, fully dressed, *and* wearing my sheepfleece dressing gown :-)
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Laura said...

Thank you for answering my questions. This sounds like a wonderful alternative to a lap top! You trendsetter you!