Saturday, December 13, 2008

Low Batteries

I feel as though I am running on low batteries at the moment.

It has been a frantically busy week, added to which there has been the school Nativity Play, plus Christmas Concert and Christmas Fair.
I got home last night and just wanted to collapse in a crumpled heap.

I woke up at 2.00am, so DH and I were chatting about last-minute Christmas shopping plans when I heard a tiny "ker-chink" noise. It was the mad dog, savaging the Christmas tree, yet again, despite the barricades. DH was utterly heroic and went zooming to sort things out whilst I stayed lovely and snug in my nice warm bed :-)
Needless to say, I struggled to get back to sleep and only dozed fitfully the rest of the night. When the alarm went off at 7 am I gave it a less than enthusiastic welcome..........

I felt so exhausted and achey that I couldn't even work up any enthusiasm for the last fencing session of the year this morning. And I really love going fencing.

Luckily DoomHamster stayed over with us last night, so she very kindly took DD3 fencing this morning so DH, DD4 and I could have a quiet morning.

We have sorted out the problem with the tree now; we remove it from the living room when we are going out. Considering it is 6 ft tall, it is a tad eccentric but certainly the simplest solution :-)

I did have a nap this afternoon and am feeling a little better now.

A nice hot bath and an early night should see me feeling much better tomorrow, I hope !
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1 comment:

Philippa said...

I totally can agree with you, Elizabeth, regarding the low batteries. I like your "recharge" idea!

As for your dog, I recall the year I found Brianna and our dog standing guiltly in the corner behind the tree which was laying completely flat on the living room floor.

They both got in a good bit of trouble. I can laugh now...not then!