Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I Despair

Words fail me.

Official sanction for Skateboarding **inside** an 800 year old Abbey.

These are the depths to which the Church of England has sunk.
Full story here:

Read it and weep.
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Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Why is this any surprise from Anglicans, who after all, under Henry VI, *destroyed* so many such places?

But you'd think these people would have more sense, just from an historical point of view (being more careful with their national treasure) even if not from a Christian one.

Michelle M. said...

It is scary to see what our world is coming to. I can't even imagine witnessing that. How sad.

Anonymous said...

Oh noooo... And just in case they decide to think, this is not going to attract teenagers to church after seeing such disrespect for a historic as well as a religious treasure of 800 years.

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

I meant, of course, Henry VIII!

Laura said...

Whatever happened to commonsense? Ice skating outdoors is so delightful. Such a silly idea and to what end? The kids will have less respect in the end.

magda said...

Out of every evil thing, God will find some way to turn it to His purpose.

But who wants their kids to "hang out" in church if it isn't actually a church, but a skatepark? This reminds me of a billboard in Boston, where a church advertised its great coffee; too bad they didn't have anything (or Anyone) better to offer.

Ioanna said...

Wow. I too, am speechless.

Another reminder of just how much of a post-Christian world we are in? Would such a thing be permitted in any other form of belief? Someone needs to gently remind that Vicar that we're called to be of the world, not in it.

Please tell me they'll be re-Consecrating the Abbey once it's restored to its original purpose....