Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Nativity !

My young ones are asleep; their stockings have been filled, presents heaped ready for them in the morning. The bedtime story tonight was a lovely re-telling of Tolstoy's "Papa Panov", though I edited out some of the questionable lines left in by the translator/re-teller. I must read an old version to see how much of the heretical tendencies were present in the original.......

I have duly guzzled the mince pies and drunk the alcohol the children so kindly left out for Santa.
DoomHamster has returned to the family home to celebrate Christmas with us, and DD2 has travelled back so she will be with us tomorrow morning with her lovely boyfriend :-)

DH is feeling much better, though he complained bitterly because I kept him on clear fluids only for a full 24 hours. I assured him that he could not possibly starve to death in 24 hours, despite the tyranny and protests of his empty stomach trying to convince him otherwise :-).

Presents have been delivered, and the house is silent, watchful and expectant of celebration of the radiant Nativity in the Flesh of Our Lord God and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Christ is Born !
Glorify Him !

I wish you all the joy of the Feast, and pray that God will so richly bless you all on this Holy Day !
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Meadowlark Days said...

Christ is Born! I hope you have a wonderful Nativity. We will be off for our late-night Liturgy in a few hours.

Mimi said...

Christ is Born! What a lovely post! Enjoy