Friday, December 26, 2008

Did I Tell You ?

.......about my non-Christmas present ?


my birthday isn't till we get to "Russian Christmas", Jan 7th :-)

I was less than impressed with this Company, given that we have actually bought no fewer than *four* computers with them in the last five years or so. And DH's company buys enormous amounts of stuff from them. I am rapidly going off the idea of getting a laptop from them.

I'm still trying to persuade DH that a spiffy new all-singing, all-dancing wireless PDA would be jolly nice instead, buyt he isn't convinced, LOL.

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DH, my mum and MIL and the young ones' combined Christmas/Birthday present to me was to be a laptop of my very own. It was duly ordered early in December, from a reputable major company, and we even had an email giving us a scheduled delivery date for early January.

Doing the happy dance..........until DH had an email two days before Christmas to say that due to a technical hitch they had had to cancel our order and could we please re-order. Needless to say, the model we want has been discontinued, the specs changed and the price altered to reflect it too.

They could not confirm whether DH's credit card had been charged for the order till after Christmas break and we certainly weren't about to throw more money at them without knowing that piece of information. And it was too late to get another one from elsewhere before Christmas.

So by the time it all gets sorted out, there is no hope at all that the new laptop will be in my grubby little hands anywhere near my birthday.

Definitely a message to me not to be so attached to material things :-)

I did have the DVD of The Spiderwick Chronicles film from my eldest two to open, though :-)
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Meg said...

WHAT A BUMMER. Are there "switch and bait" laws in England? In this country, you can't advertise a special, then say, "Oh, sorry, it's not available, but THIS is," and push something that costs more.

OK -- when *is* your birthday?? It isn't by chance 24. December, is it??

DebD said...

What a disappointment for you. I hope it gets sorted out before your b-day (which btw is rather close to mine!).

Michelle M. said...

That is unfortunate! I hope you will enjoy your birthday nonetheless.