Monday, December 29, 2008

A Day In The Life Of....

Woke up whilst it was still dark. My first thought ?
My webbook arrives today !

Got up at 08.00, just as it was getting light. No delivery van in sight.
Took dog into garden to perform his ablutions. Panicked briefly in case delivery man tried to deliver my webbook whilst I was in the garden and took it away again, having had no answer when he knocked at the front door! Needless to say, this did not happen. DH was in the house with the children so he would have heard the delivery man. Wouldn't he ?

Obsessively check front door for sign of any dreaded card stating "You were out when we tried to deliver your long-awaited and beloved parcel. Ha ha ha, Sucker ! We have taken it back to the Depot of Doom for liberation into the commercial Black Hole from whence it can never be retrieved or redelivered!" I can even hear the maniacal laughter..... but there is no such card. DH assures me there has been no fateful knock at the door and that the parcel has not arrived.

08.30. Made cup of tea. Checked email. Read posts on Bloglines. Wrote to my friend Mary.

09.29. Debating whether or not to have another cup of tea. Put bread out in the garden for our resident Robin Redbreast, who was hopping about looking disgruntled that his snack is LATE !

09.53. Emptied the washing machine of the wetload. Re-distributed it all to various radiators to dry, as there is no wind to dry the clothes outside today and it is bitterly cold for us. Temperatures barely hovering around freezing.

09.55. Look at the young ones still slobbing around in PJ's and playing games. Haven't the heart to stop them and make them get changed. Hope no-one decides to visit with the house in chaos. Can't vacuum at the moment as DH is on the phone sorting some business out, and the Dyson cleaner sounds like Armageddon when it is running :-) The budgies have thrown seed all over the floor to add to the fur the dog has shed overnight. It looks like no-one has cleaned the house for a month, which I know isn't true. I cleaned everywhere throughly on Christmas Eve , LOL.
And have cleaned since. Honest. I promise. Though I can't remember exactly what day. Being ill again has messed up my mind..........

10.06. Made a sensible executive decision to feed the budgies now, before I vacuum. Or I will only have to do it all over again in about an hour.

10.07. Where is my webbook ? As DD2 was wont to say when she was a toddler, "I NEEEED it!" LOL. Patience is not my strongest point.

10.08. I think I am getting twitchy.

10.14. I am definitely getting twitchy. Just finished a cup of coffee. Do I need another cup of coffee or do I need............ CHOCOLATE ? Toast would be more sensible. But I don't want toast. I don't even want Chocolate. I want my webbook !

10.15. Still another 8 hours and 45 minutes in which my webbook could be delivered. What if it doesn't arrive till 6.59pm ? Will I end up marching to the door, frothing at the mouth, grey with the strain, twitching and grimacing so much so that the delivery man will just throw the parcel up the path to me and run off screaming ?

DH is about to tell me to get a grip.
He is quite right.
It is only a parcel.
It is only my Christmas and Birthday present from virtually everyone in my entire extended family. Nothing important after all, is it ?
It is only a webbook.
My webbook.
My precious !!!!!!!!!!!!
Check mirror. Despite several new wrinkles, I have not yet turned into Gollum. I feel like Gollum but do not yet look like him.

10.23. I am going to stop Blogging obsessively.
I am.
I am going to do some housework. And some cooking.
Unless of course my webbook arrives.

DH reminds me that the battery will have to be fully charged before I can play with my new toy, and that might take several hours. So there will still be plenty of time to do the housework and cooking even if it arrives now.

I think he is beginning to have second thoughts about the advisability of getting this whizzy new toy for me.
The slide into domestic chaos might be abrupt............
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Laura said... cute. You'll have to tell us all about the moment you first lay eyes on your beautiful web book!