Monday, December 29, 2008

Becoming Jane

A few days ago, DH went onto the Sky movies website to which we subscribe and downloaded the film "Becoming Jane" for my entertainment whilst I was confined to my bed of sickness.
It was very sweet of him, and I thoroughly enjoyed the film. I love all things Jane Austen and Regency House Party orientated, so this was a treat.

Today I found a whole gallery of stills from the film , so guess what is on my desktop at the moment ?

When the web book **eventually** arrives, said photos will be duly uploaded to it forthwith :-)
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Michelle M. said...

No web book yet? I hope it comes soon!

I have been wanting to see that movie for a long time now. Maybe I'll check to see if it is in at our Library today. It always seems to be out :)

Elevation Perception said...

COME ON WEB BOOK! you have to post within a minute of receiving it - even I am anxious to see you finally get it :)