Saturday, November 08, 2008

Odds And Ends

Lots been going on chez moi, but for issues of privacy for some members of the extended family, I have not been able to blog about them in any detail.
Here are some snippets:-

My brother has been pretty ill but is on the mend, glory to God.

Presb. Cacilia is slowly improving, though she will be in hospital for another week, according to the latest news.

DD2's lovely boyfriend Rob has been able to get a job, so we are all delighted for him.

DoomHamster now has functioning central heating in her flat, though can't afford to use it much due to the hike in gas prices !

DH has yet another Meibomian cyst in his eyelid plus a riproaring infection across the whole eyelid, so is on his second installment of antibiotic cream , and sees the Consultant next week.

DD3 is recovering well from an ankle injury.

I have finally started Christmas shopping :-)

Finally, I was forcibly restrained by my DH from buying any more cookbooks when we went to a discount bookshop yesterday. When we got home, I went to the public library and borrowed a copy of "The Hairy Bikers Ride Again" cookbook in order to assuage my disappointment :-)

Info about this hilarious cooking duo - and recipes !- here !
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DebD said...

I hope all the illnesses are healed up quite soon. Congrats to dd's boyfriend's new job.

I've been thinking I need to get a jump on christmas shopping.

Ian said...

Prayers for the illnesses and struggles.

And hurrah for Rob's job, DD3's recovery and your shopping [cookbooks excluded :)].

Mimi said...

Prayers for those who are ailing, and whohooo to Dd's boyfriend!