Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christmas Is Coming

...because the young ones have come home from school clutching their scripts for their parts in the Christmas Concert :-)

DD3's costume is easily sorted, but DD4's necessitated a speedy purchase from EBay to make sure we had the garment in plenty of time, LOL.
You will have to wait till the night of the concert to see it, though, as it would spoil the fun..........but I will be at school having fun helping to make the necessary accessories for all 28 children in the class !

School life continues to be busy, but most enjoyable. Morning prayers are tending to be said about 10.45am whilst walking home by the little lake, followed by a much needed cup of coffee when I get home. I have had some interesting conversations with a member of staff who is teaching Judaism to her class next term, and I have offered to share some of my own resources with her, especially my Hebrew/English Artscroll Siddur so the children can see a real Jewish prayerbook, written from right to left and therefore opened at the back in order to start reading.
Still gets me confused :-0

We have had requests from some staff members relating to obtaining books on specific topics which they will be covering during this academic year, and we will do our best to accomodate them in as far as our library budget allows. Most of our Christian interest books are fairly old; it would be nice to have some new ones for the children to browse through !
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Athanasia said...

Yes, Christmas is coming as so are the programs, even at church.

I have to make a bunch of sock puppets for our Christmas program which I've yet to write.

Where or where did the summer go? It was here just yesterday!