Saturday, November 29, 2008

.....And Ups

The cause of DD3's daily headaches has been identified after a quick trip to our local friendly optician on Tuesday. She has astigmatism and needs glasses for all close work. Considering the amount she reads, no wonder she was having headaches.......!
Said glasses duly arrived on Thursday and she looks so cool. Not to mention the fact that she can now see clearly, and the headaches have gone :-)

Photos will appear in due course....and of course, those of DD4 who has now been duly formally invested as a fully-fledged Beaver Scout, along with three of her classmates and ten other local children.

It has been a busy week :-)
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DebD said...

prayers for your brother and thanksgiving that your dd's headaches was easily fixed.

Laura said...

I have astigmatism too...but only need the glasses when I read. They really work wonders!

I will keep your brother and his family in my prayers.

Philippa said...


Happy...all the way 'round.

Mimi said...

My oldest was about 8 when he got glasses the first time. Huzzah to your daughter.

And, prayers for your brother. Hugs.

Ian said...

And prayers for your brother and thanks for your daughter from Down Under too. God bless.