Monday, October 27, 2008

World Domination Looms !

First the Fencing Club........tomorrow the world !

Cue: maniacal cackles !
No, I have not completely lost my marbles- or at least, not yet :-)

DD1 - the inimitable DoomHamster- has now joined DD3 and I at our fencing club.Before we started there were only two regular female sabreuses. We have now taken the number up to five :-)
The males still heavily outnumber us, but as our coach said, next year DD4 will be old enough to join us too, if she wants to !

DoomHamster is thoroughly enjoying herself and doing well; on Saturday, I was fencing with her and she managed to get past my defences and land a hit on me. I was well impressed, considering it was only her third lesson.

In a couple of weeks I am likely to get thrashed, as her reactions are far better than mine. She can type at 60 words a minute after, all..........
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Laura said...

It's a great way to let all your fustrations out. Wish I could have had a go around with my mom that way. Sounds like your making great memories.

Philippa said...

This sounds like so much fun! You GO girl!!! And don't let that DoomHamster thrash you! Aha! Take that fiend!!

Swoosh! Swoosh!