Monday, October 27, 2008

Thrift Shop Haul !

On Saturday, on the way home from fencing, I stopped at the Cancer charity shop on Blogtown, as they had a huge table filled with books and the sign "Any 3 for £1 ", which is always music to my ears :-)

I was thrilled to get a lovely copy of Georgette Heyer's "The Reluctant Widow", absolutely ecstatic to get a hardback 1944 edition of H V Morton's travelogue through Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Turkey and Greece " Middle East". I have nearly all of H V Morton's books, and love the evocative writing of a long passed yesteryear.

I also found one other book, cough, mumble, which I paid for in the shifty manner of someone transacting a particularly unsavoury purchase. I bought Michael Moore's "Stupid White Men" because I wanted to see what it was which had reduced Jeremy Clarkson from TV's Top Gear show to gibbering, incandescent rage.

It did contain one or two salient points, but most of it was ....drivel, IMO.

Jeremy Clarkson was quite right to throw the book out of the window :-)
Still, two gems and one piece of dross was still not bad for £1 !
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Mimi said...

Good shopping!