Wednesday, October 08, 2008


The dog woke me up at 5am today, desperate to go into the garden.
I was not best pleased at being woken two hours before the alarm was due to sound, especially as I had stayed up late last night reading, but I dutifully put on my warm dressing gown and slippers ready to venture into the garden.
It had rained torrentially yesterday, and I was spellbound when I opened the door and saw a dazzling canopy of stars overhead.

So much so that I nearly fell flat on my face as I missed the step up out of the courtyard to the lawn, because I was so busy stargazing !

I was quite reluctant to go back indoors once the dog had "done the necessary", but I did.

It was wondrous to just watch the stars in peace and quiet and contemplate the glory of the heavens :-)

Oh, and the book that kept me up so late last night ?
"The Eliots of Damrosehay" trilogy by Elizabeth Goudge.
Well worth getting, if you can, though it is easier to find the individual books as a rule: A Bird In The Hand, The Herb of Grace and The Heart of The Family.
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Laura said...

Sounds like a nice blessing!

Philippa said...

Forgive my chuckling over your 'almost' misstep but it is because I have done the SAME THING thus am relieved to know I am not ALONE in missteps!

Glory to God IN THE HIGHEST!!

Mimi said...

That sounds so gorgeous, what a blessing.

And, thanks for answering the question I was formulating, I've had Goudge recommended to me before, I'm off to look her up.

Laura said...

On such a night, we are reminded of the wonder, what perhaps, the wise men would have witnessed for two years on their journey. As the planets aligned, to form the star that led to Bethlehem and Jesus, whom the pagans worshiped and adored. May this joy that you witnessed, and the awe bring to you something special. Thanks for sharing and bringing it to mind. Glory to God. Peace to mankind.

Meadowlark Days said...

It was nice to catch up on your blog after returning from my trip!

I've been amazed at how cool it's been in the mornings when I take my dog out.

enjoy the stars!

The Traditional Frog said...

"How wondeful are Thy works, O Lord, in wisdom Thou hast made them all!"