Monday, October 06, 2008


I have been worrying about the fact that I have not been writing much about religion; to be honest, I am finding that after four years of blogging, it becomes quite difficult to pen anything new or insightful about the liturgical cycle that I haven't already said, and I am reluctant to start recycling my posts.

I just do not know where the time is going to at the moment. My days seem to pass by in a blur :-)
I am helping out down at school a lot, but that may have to change.

Financial pressures are making it increasingly likely that I may need to get a part-time job at least, though that may prove to be difficult here in Blogsville, where there are very few jobs, period, as poor DoomHamster and DD2 have proved by their lengthy periods of unemployment this year........
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DebD said...

I find it hard to talk much about religion lately too.

Finding a job...ugh, prayers for you. I can't imagine trying to get back in the work-force after so many years away.

Monica said...

I've only been blogging a few months, and also find it hard sometimes to talk about religion.

Either - what new could I say?

Or - I'm not so full of the Spirit myself and so don't have anything authentic or sincere to say.

For me, it's more often the latter.

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

It's both for me, and I've only been blogging a year.

I'll join Deb's prayers about finding a job.

Philippa said...

Finding a job...sigh...prayers ascend.

As for blogging....I like reading about the everyday stuff truth be told.

Matt said...

"it becomes quite difficult to pen anything new or insightful about the liturgical cycle that I haven't already said"

Part of this is because of the naure of Orthodoxy. Almost anything "new" you might say would be an innovation, thus not Orthodox. The only thing you could say is is how you are responding to the cycles, which might be insightful. But often, at least in my case, that sems prideful. I think that Leah, who only posts quotes and art might be on to something. There is little danger in getting puffed up when you are only quoting other people.

I will go pray now about a job/and your family finances.

Mimi said...

I agree, for some reason I've not been touching on religion too often either.


s-p said...

Yep. Finally life is "religion"... as it should be. It is refreshing to finally run out of "religion" and come back to earth and reality: Christ in you, the hope of glory. Every moment is His, even the mundane. If we write about our life, we're writing about our "religion". I think it is a necessary step forward to finally run out of things to say about "Orthodoxy" and start talking about our reality informed by "Jesus Christ and Him crucified". Good for all of you. :)

Anonymous said...

I like everyday blogging as well...

Prayers for the financial situation and job searching.