Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Keeping Busy

Being bored is no longer an option any more !

I have been recruited to a small team (okay, let's be honest, a *very* small team !) to help restructure and re-organise our school's library.
It is a fairly big undertaking, as we can only work in it for a limited time each day due to other committments within the school.
Today we dusted two bookcases of books, and boy, were they dirty !

I am looking forward to our four night break at Center Parc next week, and hope to have some time in which to enjoy being bored - though as I am taking my knitting, that may not happen :-)
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Mimi said...

Sounds good!

Meadowlark Days said...

wow, hope it goes well!

Monica said...

Good luck. Let me tell you, I'm sure the teachers will appreciate it!